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Esther Reiner Google Review

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326 W Wellens St. Philadelphia PA 19120

We, multiple family members, inherited some properties that we couldn’t unite on a single decision. Ben stepped in, and explained everything and got us on the same page, and helped us every step in the way. We would highly recommended them!

Lily-and-Thomas-review Lily and Thomas. [Point Breeze, Philadelphia PA]


5240 Glenloch St. Philadelphia PA 19124

Ben was a lifesaver! My crazy neighbors were a nightmare, I wanted to move 1000 miles away! He bought my property and I left to a different city. He is the guy!

Heather-reviewHeather. Z. [Brewerytown, Philadelphia PA]


1937 E Tioga St. Philadelphia PA 19134

It was time to retire, and enjoy the rest of my life in Florida. I didn’t want to be busy managing those houses and vacant lots, with all the headache involved. Recommended Home Buyers were honest and professional and got me the top price possible. I am glad that I got connected with them.

Ahmad-review Charlie. K. [Richmond, Philadelphia]


5934 N Norwood St. Philadelphia PA 19138

Financial struggle doesn’t let me focus on anything. I needed air to breathe. The recommended Home Buyer team got me cash quickly and efficiently. Highly recommended.

H-L-review H. L. [Philadelphia, PA ]


666 E Wensley St. Philadelphia, PA 19134

It was frustrating the long cycle back and forth. I had to settle with my x, Ben with his team purchased my property and closed quickly, so I can move on in life. I will use them again in the future!

Joe-review Joe. [Fishtown, Philadelphia]


3043 Rorer St. Philadelphia PA 19134

The house was a disaster! I couldn’t handle all the fixing and construction needed. The Recommended home buyers team helped me with a contractor, but even though, selling my house to Recommended home buyers was the easiest and smoothest way out.

Eric-review Eric. [West Philly, PA]


111 E Upsal St, Philadelphia, PA 19119

I purchased my house many years ago, but now I was choked with the liens, violations and depth owed. Ben was committed to get me out of the mess, he purchased my property fast, from the first time I met him, he closed literally 10 days later! He worked with me on a personal level, he was friendly and the process was easy! Definitely the best choice!

Rachel-google-review Rachel. B. [West Mount Airy, Philadelphia ]


2113 Wakeling St. Philadelphia PA 19124

Ben is passionate and extremely helpful. Managing my house out of town, was eating my time and life up. Ben and his team saved me! Thank you! You guys are amazing!

Lester-review Lester. M. [East Orange, NJ]

“Ben is someone that I am working for a while. He is an honest guy that works hard to make sure you’ll be happy! Highly recommended!

Robert-review T. K. [West Philly, PA ]

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