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We Are The Company That Is Changing, And Making Philadelphia PA, A Better Place To Live!


We are a local house buying and development firm, in Philadelphia PA. We buy houses, multi family buildings, warehouses and vacant lots, with our own cash, and fixing them up with beautiful renovations and remodeling, bringing them up to date, with the newest designs and styles, and developing vacant land, with upper high end new construction, and keeping them for rentals, or sell them for a profit.


We started five years ago. Our founder Ben Gold had friends and family members, successful, experienced home buyers, that knowing his personality, they all encouraged him, that the real estate industry is a perfect fit for him. That is how his passion for this industry developed.

“Slow and steady, wins the race”, that is the motto that kept Ben going. Recommended Home Buyers grew day by day, from small single family houses, up to big commercial buildings. With the right commitment, growing and learning daily, Ben brought the company to the place it is today, as a successful, full fledged home buying company, remodeling, developing, and everything in the middle.

Meet The Philly Cash Buyers Team



Ed has an awesome personality, full of energy and life, that brings a smile on your face, when dealing with him. He is our Contract, Title and Closing manager, in charge of getting your property closed. Ed is an expert in numbers and handles our business accounting as well. He brought our company to the next level.



Charlie is an amazing person, and a networking expert. He manages our construction process, dealing with the crew on site, and is making sure that everything gets done quickly, with our top quality.



John is a multi talented guy, that never finds anything impossible. He puts in a lot of effort, that everything in the company should run smoothly. John, we couldn’t without you!

Our well known success is due to our great teamwork and professional system in place for the entire process. We make sure that everyone in our team will work with you in mind. Our passion for making money, while helping people in a professional way, listening to their needs, and being honest, that’s how we got to the place where we are today. Repeating customers, property owners and sellers is our proof.


3043 Rorer St. Philadelphia PA 19134

The house was a disaster! I couldn’t handle all the fixing and construction needed. The Recommended home buyers team helped me with a contractor, but even though, selling my house to Recommended home buyers was the easiest and smoothest way out.

Eric-review Eric. [West Philly, PA]

“Ben is someone that I am working for a while. He is an honest guy that works hard to make sure you’ll be happy! Highly recommended!

Robert-review Robert. K. [West Philly, PA ]

“When You Work On A Job You Love, You Aren’t Working A Day In Your Life!”


Yes! That’s exactly the case in our company! We buy distressed properties with tons of garbage and damage to it, and then our crew takes over the place. We get everything cleaned out, do a total remodeling, and then occupy with good paying tenants, or sell them for a profit. We just gain pleasure from seeing the before and after, that makes us want to repeat over and over again.


Know that vacant ghosty lot down the dusty road? Once we take ownership, it’s just a short period before a beautiful new construction home is in site. We handle the permits, blueprints and all that’s needed.

We-buy-houses-philadelphia-fast-without-any-hassle-we-are-ready-for surprises-while-construction

Surprises happen, and we are prepared for it. The construction field is colorful and full of surprises. While opening walls or digging in the ground, there is always something unexpected awaiting. Our experience is gained, thru these unforeseen situations, and this gives us the drive day by day.

“People Rarely Succeed, Unless They Have Fun In What They Are Doing!”

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Or give us a call at 267-946-0750 Or send an email to recommendedhomebuyer@gmail.com

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