Cash Home Buyers In Philadelphia

Cash Home Buyers In Philadelphia

Hardworking. Passionate. Experienced.

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Philadelphia Home Buyers

This Is Real Estate The Way It Should Be – This Is What We Are Known For;

We pride ourselves as local cash home buyers in Philedelphia, offering personalized and individualized attention to each of our customers. We are well known for our knowledge and fair offers and are here to make things go easier.

We remove many of the common pain points associated with a traditional selling experience, helping you move freely.


About Recommended Home Buyers

Since 2017

Philadelphia is in our blood. Our Founder, Ben Gold, grew up here and knows the Philadelphia real estate market well. Buying and restoring houses was a big part of Ben’s childhood, and he shares that background with the rest of our team. Childhood trips to open houses and getting our hands dirty in restoration projects are some of our common ground.

We love restoring houses, and we love our city. We aim to give Philadelphians the most cash possible for their homes and help each other out. It’s not for everyone, but it’s a living and is the most fun and rewarding way we know to earn a buck.

“Do What You Love, and You’ll Never Work a Day in Your Life”

That Is Us In A nutshell, It’s A Labor Of Love.

Bringing a house back to life so the new owner can create everlasting memories is our favorite. We minimize the rehab costs and maximize our profit by being strategic with the repairs and upgrades. That makes the difference for you because as long as we keep our costs down, we can afford to offer more for your house. This is our key to success!

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We Do It Right; Our Core Values:

Integrity and respect toward every individual and in every situation.

Hard work and diligence—there are no shortcuts to long-term success.

Empathy toward every client —we can’t do right by you until we listen to your needs.

Rock-solid reliability and an unshakable belief in doing the right thing.

Land Buyers In Philadelphia

Do We Buy Land? Yes, We Don’t Just Buy Houses, We Buy Land Too.

We buy vacant lots in Philadelphia and build beautiful new homes on them. We handle everything from permits and blueprints to construction and inspection.

we buy vacant land and vacant lot in philadelphia

We Build Our Reputation With Each Home We Buy.

When you get a fair deal, we succeed. Our experienced team and professional process ensure that you have an entire company on your side when you need to sell your home. We’re in this for the long haul, and our reviews show just how much people appreciate our courtesy, honesty, and hard work.

Real Success, Real Stories

“The house was a disaster! I couldn’t handle all the fixing and construction needed. The Recommended Home Buyers team helped me with a contractor, and when the time was right, selling my house to Recommended Home Buyers got me back on the right track.”

Eric-reviewEric. [West Philly, PA]

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Philadelphia House Buyers That Will Buy Your House For Cash.

We buy houses all over Philadelphia (and all over Pennsylvania too), we give owners an alternative to the traditional way of selling by working fast and paying cash. Whatever your reason for selling, reach out to us or head over to the Sell My House page, and request your cash offer today!

Want To Sell Your House To Cash House Buyers In Philadelphia, Or Just Curious To Know What Your Property’s Cash Value Is?