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We Buy Homes in Philadelphia

When You’re Ready to Sell, We’re Ready To Help You Take the Next Step


We know the Philadelphia real estate market because we live here. We help our neighbors get cash for their properties when they need a fair deal and a friendly face. We then develop the properties in our portfolio before we sell them, making an honest profit while giving back to the community by improving the places we live.

We love restoring houses, and we love our city. That’s why we to give Philadelphians the most cash possible for their homes and to treat our neighbors right. We run a tight ship, and base our business on the idea that every home seller deserves our best deal. It’s also why we roll up our sleeves and do most of our restoration work ourselves. Keeping our costs down lets us make unbeatable offers to Philadelphia home sellers and helps us earn every penny we make.

We make money by buying houses, fixing them up, and selling them. Making strong offers to our sellers keeps us busy, and that’s good for business.


We offer cash for distressed properties throughout Philadelphia. After closing, our crews fix each house and remodel it, getting it ready to lease or sell. Some home repairs are too much for one owner to take care of. We have the resources and experience to fix even the most serious damage, and we love restoring homes to their former glory.


A vacant lot can be an eyesore and a hazard to the neighborhood. We buy vacant lots in Philadelphia and build beautiful new homes on them. We handle everything from permitting and blueprints to construction and inspection.

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In our years of serving Philadelphia’s communities, we’ve seen it all. We’ve learned to expect the unexpected when we renovate a property, and we’re ready for any challenge. That means that we have the confidence to offer you the best possible deal for your home.

Philadelphia is in our blood, and we’ve been helping our neighbors meet life’s challenges since 2017. Our founder, Ben Gold, grew up here (and might’ve watched and his family and neighbors made sure that he understood what makes Philadelphia so special: we work hard, play fair, and help each other out when our neighbors need a hand.


Buying and restoring houses was a big part of Ben’s childhood, and he shares that background with the rest of our team. Most of us went along with family members when they visited properties, got our hands dirty by helping out with restoration projects, and learned how home renovators can make an honest living while helping people out of difficult situations. It’s not for everyone, but it’s a living, and it’s the most fun and rewarding way we know to earn a buck.

We Treat Our Clients Right. Here’s How.

When you get a fair deal, we succeed. Our experienced team and professional process ensure that you have an entire company on your side when you need to sell your home. We’re in this for the long haul, and our reviews show just how much people appreciate our courtesy, honesty, and hard work.

Integrity and respect toward every person, in every situation

Hard work and diligence—there are no shortcuts to long-term success

Empathy toward every client we serve—we can’t do right by you until we listen to your needs

Rock-solid reliability and an unshakable belief in doing the right thing


3043 Rorer St. Philadelphia PA 19134

“The house was a disaster! I couldn’t handle all the fixing and construction needed. The Recommended Home Buyers team helped me with a contractor, and when the time was right, selling my house to Recommended Home Buyers got me back on the right track.”

Eric-review Eric. [West Philly, PA]

Every time we buy a home, we start by listening to the seller. That’s the only way to come up with the right solution for your needs and ours, and to make sure that we can deliver on everything we say, keep the entire process running smoothly and on time, and make the sale fast, simple, and enjoyable.

“I’ve worked with Ben for a while now. He is an honest guy that works hard to make sure you’ll be happy! Highly recommended!”

Robert-review T. K. [West Philly, PA ]


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