How To Get Cash For Your House In Philadelphia In
3 Easy Steps

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We pay cash for houses in Philadelphia As-is, and Where-is. We make the selling process easy, by eliminating third parties like banks agents, avoiding extra costs you would occur by selling the traditional way. Our offers are fair, makes sense and we can close fast. We will give you our cash offer that works for us. If you agree on the price, then we can send you the contract asap, and you can get your cash in a few days. Simple as that.

That’s How Easy Our Process Is.

Now you know that selling your house is just a simple three-step process. But do you want to have a little breakdown to understand deeper what goes into each of these three steps? No worries. We will explain everything till you will get it. We recommend you read all the fields below to feel comfortable with the entire process and get answers to all the questions you may have. If you would rather want to talk to a person to explain you the process, you are always welcome to call our direct line at 267-946-0750 Send Text, we will be happy to explain it to you.

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What Happens After You Fill Out The Form?

Let’s explain how it works, so that you can have a basic understanding what to expect. Our company model is based on us buying houses, remodeling them, and then we sell them for a profit. So we would need to calculate for how much we can sell it once it’s been remodeled and then deduct our expenses. Before giving our offer, we will need to figure out a few things,


1) First we will figure out the price that we will be able to sell the property, once we finish remodeling it. This calculation is called the ARV. (After Repair Value).

2) The next step is to figure out how much our repair cost will be.

3) Then we will calculate our selling and holding costs. It’s usually about 10% of the ARV.

4) And lastly, we count in our company profit.

ARV. We avaluate the after-repair value of your house by comparing your property to other similar properties with the same number of bedrooms and baths, about the same size and age, that were recently remodeled and sold in your area. We look at what price they have sold, so we know that we will also be able to sell your house for that same price once we finish remodeling it after we buy it. [We have all the resources and data of all properties that recently sold in your area to know the exact numbers and values. Don’t worry about that.]

Holding – Selling Costs. Until we finish doing the repairs and selling your house can take a few months, while we still need to pay utilities, maintenance, taxes, and insurance per month, and then when we sell it on the market, we will also need to pay the agent fees, closing costs, and transfer taxes. These expenses are usually about 10% of the ARV.

= Your Cash Offer. 

After we know for what price we will be able to sell your house once we finish remodeling it, we will subtract all of our expenses which are the repairs costs, holding costs, selling costs, and our company’s minimal profit. This number will lead us to your Cash Offer amount.


Here is an actual offer calculation example,

> Let’s say the property ARV is: $100.000. 

> Repairs, Holding, Selling Costs are: $15.000.

> Our company’s Profit: $5.000.

= Your Cash Offer will be: $80.000.

The Walthrough Process

The after-repair value of your house depends a lot on the age, condition, size, number of beds and baths, etc. So before we can give you our cash offer, we will need to do a walk-through of your house to know the exact condition without any surprises later on.

We have over five years of experience buying and analyzing all different types of houses. We will help you with yours too. We need to look at the bedrooms, bathrooms, kitchen, basement, back and front yard, roof, garage, mechanicals, electric, plumbing, sewer system, etc. because every detail makes a difference, so we want to be sure that we know everything before giving you our fair cash offer.

After knowing your top property value, we will give you a call right away with our offer. We never give lowball offers, because we want you to accept our offer, and close on your property.

Remember, we give you our best possible offer, with no obligation at all! If you are not willing to accept this amount for any reason, that’s totally fine.

Charlie wanted to sell his house because he was just about to retire and move to Florida.

The After Repair Value to sell on the market in this neighberhood, for a house like this, was about $170.000.

His house as you can see, wasn’t so bad at all, it was just in need of giving it a little love with minor fixing and updates. We have estimated that the Repairs Cost will be $25.000. in order to bring it up to date and be able sell for top price.

We have calculated our offer by using this furmola: After Repair value $170.000, Minus – $25.000, for the Repair Costs, Minus $17.000, for our Selling and Holding Costs (which is typically around 10% of the After Repair Value. 10% of $170.000, = $17.000) Minus – $12.000, for our minimal profit,

= Our cash offer for Ahmad was $116.000.

ARV) $170.000,Repairs) $25.000,Selling costs) $17.000,Profit) $12.000, Our Cash Offer = $116.000.

Charlie needed to make a decision, he had two options,

1) He could do the repairs himself and then sell it on the market with an agent while waiting 5 – 6 months to hopefully get a buyer and then he would get $128.000, because it’s $170.000, minus the 10% for the agent fees and closing costs, (170.000 – $25.000, for reparis – $17.000 that’s the 10% for the agent fees and closing costs, in total = $128.000,)

2) He he could accept our cash offer without doing any repairs and close within 7 days, and still receive $116.000. It was a simple decision 128k doing repairs himself, or 116k selling to us for cash.

Charlie made a great decision, he accepted our cash offer for 116.000, closed 10 days later and was so happy!


1937 E Tioga St. Philadelphia PA 19134

“It was time to retire, and enjoy the rest of my life in Florida. I didn’t want to be busy managing those houses and vacant lots, with all the headache involved. Recommended Home Buyers were honest and professional and got me the top price possible, in cash. I am glad that I got connected with them.

Ahmad-review Charlie. K. [Richmond, Philadelphia]

What happens after I accept your offer?

Once you accept our offer and the contract is signed, we will handle everything for you, we will send the contract right away to the title company and make sure that everything is clear and runs smoothley. Get ready for the closing! You can have your cash in your hands in just a few days!


You choose your closing date. We can buy houses as fast as in 7 days, but if you aren’t ready so fast, no worries. We will work with you together and schedule everything according to your needs.

We will buy your house, and you will only get money into your pocket, so there is no need for you to pay anything!

That’s It! Clear, Smooth, With No Confusion In The Middle!

Ready To Sell Your House But Have Questions?

If you have any other questions or concerns, don’t hesitate to give us a call or send us an email. We have helped many property owners by answering hundreds of questions we can answer yours too at all the time. Our team will be here for you, holding your hands at every step with proper communication and great explanations to clarify every detail and keep the entire process simple.

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